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Breakfast is a cliffhanger for Siirt locals


For the sake of a breakfast against the backdrop of a serene landscape, the people of Siirt, an eastern province, turn a blind eye to their safety in the latest fad gone viral on social media.

Perching on top of a rock some 250 meters above the Botan Valley, people bring their breakfast and friends every morning to watch the eponymous stream and greenery below.

Twenty-eight-year-old Kadir Özdemir is among those who made breakfast in the unusual location popular. The young photographer works as a volunteer to promote the beauty of the region and organizes nature trips. When he added the breakfast on a seemingly solid rock overseeing the stream on his itinerary and posted photos, he quickly gained a large following online.

The spot has since become popular among locals and even attracted people from other cities. “Even from Germany,” Özdemir tells Anadolu Agency (AA). “It is a dangerous place,” he acknowledges but is quick to add that it also gives people tranquility. “We have beautiful mountains and canyons here. People do not come here only for breakfast. Some come here simply to view the landscape and read books and listen to music. Others come for swimming in the stream,” he says.

Emin Sadık, a visitor, says Botan Valley is “a must-see” in Siirt. Zeki Eren, another visitor who came for breakfast, says that the landscape is unique and he “enjoyed very much having breakfast” while watching the scenic landscape.

The spot is located in a portion of the valley where no safety measures are present except warning signs urging visitors to stay away from the edges of the cliff. Authorities also advise visitors to go to five viewing terraces in another part of the valley where walking and cycling lanes were recently built.

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