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Fishermen hopeful for upcoming season


Fishermen in Turkey’s northwestern Çanakkale province are hopeful for the coming fishing season.

“Our fishermen were satisfied with last season. We hope our fishermen have a good season again this time around,” Mehmet Özkurnaz, the head of local fisheries cooperative association, told Anadolu Agency (AA).

He also said he believed that the fisheries in this region will have an abundance of bluefish, the most profitable for fishermen.

Tuncay Dinç, a fisherman in the province, also said fish prices will fall as of the beginning of the season.

“Anchovy, blue fish and scad were very fruitful [last season], I hope this season will be the same,” Dinç said.

The veteran added that he and his fellow fishermen will be after sardines as soon as the season starts on Sept. 1.

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