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Gin Prices in Turkey 2018

Special Consumption Tax from gin prices also increased with inflation increases. However, in the Turkish taxation system, 18% Value-added tax (VAT) is also levied on the Special Consumption Tax.

This increase in alcohol prices is expected to increase the retail prices of gin by 2.5-3%.

Gin Prices in Turkey 2018
Gin Prices in Turkey 2018

Before we move on to the price list, The prices mentioned in our list are the recommended selling prices. Depending on where you live and where you shop, such as grocery stores, markets in turkey (migros, çağdaş, kipa, carrefour) etc., there may be slight increases or decreases in these prices.

You can get the prices of brands like Ada Gin, Maestro Gin, Gordon’s London Dry Gin, Tekel Gin from list.

Gin Prices in Turkey 2018 Current List

Gin Prices

Ada Gin 35 cl : 51,00 Turkish Liras

Ada Gin 70 cl : 85,00 Turkish Liras

Gilbey’s Gin 35 cl : 46,50 Turkish Liras

Gilbey’s Gin 70 cl : 80,50 Turkish Liras

Gilbey’s Gin 100 cl : 110,00 Turkish Liras

Maestro Gin 35 cl : 52,00 Turkish Liras

Maestro Gin 70 cl : 88,50 Turkish Liras

Tekel Gin 35 cl : 43,00 Turkish Liras

Tekel Gin 70 cl : 78,00 Turkish Liras

Tanqueray Gin 70 cl : 145,00 TL

Tanqueray Gin No10 70 cl : 225,00 TL

Gordon’s Elderflower Gin 70 cl : 105,00 TL

Gordon’s London Dry Gin 35 cl : 57,50 Turkish Liras

Gordon’s London Dry Gin 70 cl : 105,00 Turkish Liras

Note: Please stay away from alcohol for your health.