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Heat waves to last longer, report warns


Turkey was gripped with a heat wave last week with temperatures floating above 30 degrees Celsius in most regions of the country. A new report by a climate change researcher says there is more to come.

Turkey may be exposed to an average of 78 days of heatwaves in one year until 2098, according to report entitled “Heat waves: Threat Aggravated by Climate Change” by Ümit Şahin of Sabancı University’s Istanbul Policy Center.

Şahin presented the report in Istanbul yesterday. Focusing on climate change’s impact on human health, the report focuses on its direct impact on extreme hot weather, floods, storms, wildfires and drought.

The report says Turkey has seen a rise in heat waves between 1971 and 2016 and the number of days with heat waves will increase to 78 days on average in any given year between 2013 and 2098.

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